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Is there a reason why no one has voted on the newest applicant? Or am I missing something? All Claws voting and no other houses?

And this isn't the first time.

I'm sorry but as of now the community is closed until further notice to new applicants. Since no one wants to vote then I'll use this time to get the comm in a better position where I'm comfortable handing any ounce of it to people. Maggie and I have freely given people our trust in offering positions and I'm very upset that this community is inactive. Just last night and today I was stockpiling challenges for next term. Why? Only 2 people participated in the last challenge.

I hate to do this to the people who DO work hard and try to motivate people. To those people...I will gladly hand you your positions back. I hope you will stick around but I'm stripping everyone of all positions until the community is re-vamped. This is not a "Selene is pissed off" move. (I am pissed but I do not want to take it out on the folks in positions who HAVE done quite a bit) This is a starting from scratch and "lets see who bothers to stick around" move.

I really don't want to discuss this tonight so my IM's will be off.
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