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Hogwarts Home: A Sorting Community
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hh_sorting is where you join the community!

Do not apply for membership here! You must first join hh_sorting and post your finished application!

Welcome to hh_home, a sorting and RPG community. We are open to new members, and all of us here are excited to get to know you! All we ask is that you read the rules before applying.

This community will give you the chance to be sorted and placed into one of the four Hogwarts houses: Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, Slytherin or Ravenclaw. Once you have been sorted you can get to know your housemates and take part in challenges to win points for the hh_housecup. You will be able to participate in Role Playing at hh_rpg and become engaged in the classes that go on at hh_classrooms. Maybe you'll even get the chance to teach one of them! So, fill out an application and start joining in today!

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1. Be Respectful: hh_home is a fun and exciting place, but that's not a reason to be disrespectful. Be kind to those inside and outside your Houses. You don't need to become best friends with everyone here at hh_home, but we ask that you all just pay one another common courtesy. Any violation to this rule will cost you house points.

2. Be Reasonable: Discussions and honesty are highly encouraged and we are always open to hear your thoughts, but only if you conduct yourself in a resepctful and reasonable manner. Do not push your opinions on people and take responsibiliy for your actions if someone feels like they are being condescended to. Take into consideration that the things you say may hurt the feelings of those around you. Think before you post. If someone happens to hurt your feelings, gently let the person know (if need be); there is no reason to respond in a rude or negative fashion. Profanities are frowned upon here at hh_home. Keep all comments and discussions PG-13. You will also lose points if you ignore this rule.

3. Age: LiveJournal's minimum age is 13, and we have adopted that rule. We ask that you play the honor system close when it comes to your age and blogging simply for safety issues. If we have reason to suspect that you are under 13, you will be expelled.

4. You Must Vote On At Least 50% Of All Applicants: To make sure everyone feels welcome, we want you to vote as often as possible. Part of being a member of a community such as this is being able to commit to the expectations. If you don't want to participate in all of the sub-communities, fine, but sorting new applicants is mandatory. Would you have felt welcome if you entered a community with 100+ members and only 4 people sorted? No. Plus, we need a certain amount of votes to actually reach a set desicion. We get a much clearer idea as to where an applicant should be sorted with 12 votes as opposed to something like 5 votes.

5. Stay Active: We want all our members to be included in challenges, house discussions, etc. If you know that you will be away or otherwise unable to participate, post a hiatus entry in your Common Room. When you return, comment on said entry with the announcement of your arrival.

6. Post Often: We're always open to new discussion. Did you see an awesome movie last weekend? Have a favorite book? Need some support? Or maybe you just want to get to know the people here at hh_home better. Post about it! All we ask is that you please DON'T SPAM. You will lose points and your post will be deleted. If you wish to talk about and/or promote a community other than hh_home, you must do so under a cut.

7. Signature Tags Are Welcome: You can have as many sig tags as you want, but they can be no larger then 300x150. If you want 3 sig tags, fine. But they must add up to 300x150 or less.

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This is our one shot to know you. Go crazy! Have fun! We don't care who you dislike in terms of characters, and we are not here to judge you on anything other than what house you belong in. We want to know YOU. That means that whatever house you think you belong in has no place in your application. We want your honest answers so we can place you accordingly.

Take your time. The application doesn't need to be done in one sitting. It is strongly advised that you save your application to your journal.

ELABORATE! This is a big one. One sentence answers do not cut it. We don't need a college dissertation on why you would change the meals in the Great Hall, but we're nosey; we like to know why you feel the way you do.

Make sure you have time for this community. We are more than just sorting. It's not fair to housemates when someone gets sorted and they never contribute towards the house cup or anything else. If you don't have time for sub-communities, then maybe this community isn't a good fit for you.

House bashing. This is not tolerated at hh_sorting. You may not want to be in Ravenclaw. OK fine, but do not say something like "All Ravenclaws are nerds and jerks". All houses here are wonderful and have outstanding members. Keep in mind that people in the houses that you may not like will be voting on you.

House pushing. Same as above. You may think you belong in a certain House, but do NOT tailor your application to try and make sure you get there. If you truly belong in your favorite House, then your application will speak for itself. If you are getting votes for another house maybe you should re-read your application to see where the votes are coming from.

There is more information on each of the Houses and which characteristics they exemplify here.

tYpe Lyke Ths? Prepare to face the wrath of all members. Chatspeak is NOT recommended. Spell-check is quick, easy, and it's free. It's strongly encouraged that you take advantage of it.

DO NOT DELETE YOUR APPLICATION. If your votes aren't going well, don't get angry and delete your application -- before or after you've been stamped. Not only will you be banned from the community, but staff members and students alike will be made aware of the situation and will be on the look-out for any attempt to re-apply. No exceptions, no excuses, no explanations wanted.

You may respond to votes. Threads of pointless chat are not allowed (i.e. "I love your icon, can I take it? Where did you get it? Oh, me too! or "Wow, did you go to LHS? I did too! What year were you?" You get the point.), but if you are confused about the way someone's voted then you can respond POLITELY to ask the sorter to clarify.

Do not vote on other applicants before you are stamped.

Make sure your application is complete before submitting. You will NOT be allowed to change your application after it has been put up for voting.The only exception is if the coding is off and in that case someone will ask you to fix it.

To make sure you have read the rules, in the subject line of your application please put your favorite animal.

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*Temporary HoH only. Permanent position open.

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